7 reasons to ditch travel buddies and travel solo

The thought of travelling solo can be a bit scary but it can also be one of the greatest experiences you will ever have.

Then as the trip day draws closer, everyone all of a sudden starts dropping out like flies and that annoying “I’m not sure I’ll make it” reason suddenly starts flooding the Whatsapp group – urgh.

So now it’s just you and that friend that is letting you vent about how irritated you are that everyone has ditched the plan at the last minute but really they’re just trying to be in your corner so that you let them down easy when they tell you they’re not going to make it either.

Well, if they can’t make it there shouldn’t be any reason why you shouldn’t go and hopefully these other reasons will inspire you to ditch the travel buddies and do some more solo travelling.

It’s less hectic

Especially when planning. As you’ve probably noted in the intro, planning group trips isn’t the smoothest ride so travelling solo could be the best plan for you.

Less disappointments.

It gives you time to know yourself

You finally get some serious quality time for yourself. If your family, friends or colleagues are completely burning you out then a little trip can really do you good.

Find out what you really like without the influence of others around you.

Meet new people

Learning other cultures aside from your own can not only be a great experience but can also greatly open up your understanding to different world than the one you are used to.

While travelling with people we’re familiar with, we tend to stick to that small group throughout the trip and rarely get the time to mingle with other people but traveling solo can push you to make new friends and mingle a bit – but not be a pest to other people though.

You do whatever you want to do

Solo travelling gives you an opportunity to do literally whatever you want to do without feeling the pressure to stick within a group.

No drama

The less the drama, the better. We all know what can happen when one of your peoples has one too many.

You get to challenge yourself

When travelling solo, you get to figure things out on your own and challenge yourself to have a great time.

Fear of the unknown is beyond real during solo travelling but the rewards are even greater.


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