Travel destinations in Kenya that will terrify you

Weird and spooky places in Kenya

Here are four Kenyan travel destinations that have very bizarre stories behind them.

Kituluni Hill- Machakos

Located in eastern Kenya, this is hill that would have confounded Einstein had he pursued to “discover” gravity there.

On this hill is a bizarre ant-gravity effect where everything defies gravity. On the road, if a car is left in neutral and the handbrake unapplied, the car will proceed uphill rather than downhill. If you pour water, it flows upwards on the ground then will eventually turn sideways.

Locals theorise that the reason for this is because they used to make sacrifices to their ancestors there.

The Crying Stone of Ilesi- Kakamega

Found in western Kenya, this rock outcrop is said to resemble a person wearing a robe and is crying from head to toe.

Geologists say it is an acid plutonic rock that has quartz, alkali, feldspar and mica.

The Isukha, a subtribe of the Luhya community, believe that when the stone cries it is a good omen as it portends a bountiful harvest.

In drought, the stone doesn’t cry and rituals were carried out to convince the gods to bring rain.

It was also used to cleanse victims of incest to make them acceptable in society again.

The Crying Stone was also believed to fight the battles of the Luhyas and once when they warring with a Rift Valley tribe, the Nandi, they misguidedly decided to tear it down. It is said that 100 Nandis died after this.

The Legio Maria church and Rosary Church also pay periodic pilgrimages to the rock.

Gedi Ruins- Malindi

Between the 1500s and 1700s, the Sultan and Gedi’s inhabitants all just upped and left. Leaving behind amazing architectural marvels that attract countless visitors to this heritage site located about 60km from Mombasa.

Nobody knows why they left and where they went. It remains a mystery until this day.

Menengai Crater- Nakuru

In this crater found on Mt. Longonot are some controversial caves.

Residents near the place call it, kirima kia ngoma (Hill of the Devil) and believe that it is haunted.

The events there have been so bizarre that they have managed to convince otherwise sceptical visitors that it really is haunted.

People have disappeared in those caves without a trace. Residents have lost their way inside even when they are familiar with the land.

Locals believe that demons used to farm the land there and would claim people’s bodies. They also claim that they say the devil ride a motorcycle there.


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