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16 fun weekend activities you can do in Nairobi

Activities you can partake in without driving out of town

If you're an intrepid extrovert who loves adventure and the outdoors, then I'm pretty sure that you're always looking for things to do over the weekend that involve being out of the house.

Kenya has so many places to see and activities to partake in. In fact, you do not have to drive out of town if you're looking to unwind. Whether you're into sports, arts or entertainment, there's something for everyone.

For most middle class Nairobians, weekends are all about relaxing after a long week of traffic, work and the hustle and bustle of Nairobi.


Here are weekend activities you can take part in without driving out of town.

1. Indoor rock climbing.

Located at Dimond plaza, Bluesky Climb offers both indoor as well as outdoor rock climbing activities. This is a perfect activity for couples or even groups of friends. It may look like an easy task but trust me, once you're through, you'll feel like you've been in the gym for three hours straight. This activity will only cost you Ksh 800/- if you have your own climbing shoes and Ksh 1,200/- inclusive of rental climbing shoes.

2. Trail biking at Karura forest.

Of course, Karura had to make the list. You can either choose to go for a run, walk or trail biking. The canopies make for such a cool and breezy environment so you don't have to worry about being scorched by the sun while you ride your bike. Bike rentals are just Ksh 500 and entry for Kenya citizens is just 100 bob. Cheap, sporty and fun!


3. Enjoy an afternoon of games and drinks at Bao Box.

Bao Box is located at Pramukh towers in Westlands. This is a new concept to hit the Nairobi social scene. Bao Box offers customers lots of games to play while while they enjoy drinks, biting and a great view and ambiance. The gaming concept is great because, not only are you racking your brain with friends but also socializing in the process. Currently, the games are just Ksh 1,000 which is a one off cost, meaning, you can play as many games as you wish for the price of 1,000. This is a place to go with friends.

4. K1 Flea Market on Sundays.

If you're free on Sundays, head over to K1 for their Flea Market. Here, you get to enjoy brunch from 10.00am, live music in the afternoon till evening and you can shop from the vendors who sell an assortment of stuff, from fashion items to organic beauty products to jewelry. While it's mostly an adult hang out joint, it's also child friendly if of course you don't plan on staying till after dark.

5. Go for brunch.


Let's face it. Most Kenyans party on Friday or Saturday nights and what better way to nurse a hangover than by having brunch? On Sundays, which are perfect for brunch, you can have brunch at restaurants that offer Sunday brunch such as Brew Bistro, Le Grenier a Pain, The Tribe Hotel or K1 Flea Market, etc.

6. Catch a movie at the mall.

Every now and then, there are great movies showing at the cinema. Head over to one of the malls in the city and catch your favorite movie.

7. Watch a live play.

Support local talent by watching a play at the Kenya National Theatre, Braeburn Theatre or Alliance Francaise. I once went to watch a play at KNT and had such a great laugh! We have such great local actors and actresses and a little support for the arts could go along way.


8. Attend a day/night social event.

Hey we live in Nairobi, partying and having a great time is part of our culture. If you lurk through Facebook you'll always see a tonne of upcoming events. And not just Facebook but all over social media. Posters of events and concerts are always being shared. Be sure to read the details of the event and if it's something that tickles your fancy, cop your tickets in good time and attend the event and make memories.

9. Art event.

If you're into art, places like Nairobi Garage, Railways Museum, Kuona Artists Collective etc constantly have events. Be assertive and join groups on Facebook or follow the relevant pages so that you're updated on what's happening, when and where. You could get yourself a brilliant piece of art at an affordable price or even learn skills such as painting.


10. Slum tourism.

Yeah, that very much exists. With the help of a guide, go tour one of the slums and see how slum dwellers live. You'll be surprised by just how much talent there is. One common thing you can find being sold by the hardworking slum dwellers is jewelry made of brass.

11. Visit Maasai Market.

There are many Maasai market days but my favorite is the one on Sunday and Saturday in town at the High Court Car parking lot. You can get pretty much anything from house decor stuff such as lamp shades to jewelry, clothing etc.

12. Go shopping.


There are so many malls in Nairobi now. Have you been to all of them? Have you sampled the restaurants and shops in most of them? There are always sales in clothing stores in the major malls. You could enjoy an afternoon of makeup/perfume sampling, trying on clothes at places like LC Waikiki at Two Rivers Mall as well as shopping. If you prefer thrift shopping, your options are unlimited too with places such as Toi Market and Gikomba.

13. Catch a game over sundowner drinks.

Instead of watching a soccer or boxing match at home, grab your boys and catch a game at a sports bar such as Kengeles while you enjoy cold pints. You could also watch a live game say, a live rugby match at Impala Grounds when there's a match schedued.

14. Nairobi national Park.

The only park in the world that's in the middle of the city. You could either choose to have a game drive or set up a picnic and barbecue at one of their many picnic spots as you savor the picturesque views.


15. Play a sport.

Are you into golf? Squash? Tennis? Grab a friend and go exercise. It's healthy for you! If that's not your cup of tea, you could attend a dancing or yoga class.

16. Attend a cooking class.

Places like Lemon Grass Cooking Class offer cooking classes for couples and friends and if you want to brush up your culinary skills, then that's the perfect weekend activity.


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