This is why you have been eating too much lately

Can't control your appetite?

Binge eating(Gfycat)

Are you worried about your eating because it’s out of control? Do you try to resist the urge to eat but you just can’t?

 If yes, you are probably wondering what has gone wrong. And you are on the right path because you need to control your eating. We have listed a few reasons as to why you could be eating too much:

1. You are just thirsty

It’s easy to confuse hunger and thirst. And if you cannot tell the difference, you will eat while all you should have done is take a glass of water. Trace back your habits and determine if you have been drinking enough water. If not, start doing so and your appetite will go down.

2. You don’t sleep enough

Studies show that people who sleep for less than seven hours each day are more likely to overeat. Sleep affects our appetite hormones and also feeling sluggish due to drowsiness might prompt you to eat.

3. The gym

If you joined the gym recently or you have been exercising more than usual, your body will be screaming for more calories.

4. You are stressed

We respond to stress differently. If you are a stress eater, you may not even tell whether it’s real hunger or it’s just an urge to ‘eat out’ the stress.

5. You’ve been drinking

If you have been drinking more often lately, it may be the reason all you want to do is eat.

6. You have been eating the wrong foods

Simple carbohydrates and sugars won’t keep you full for longer. It’s not like when you eat foods rich in fiber and proteins.


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