How to dress for a first date

Dressing to impress is not only for the ladies...

You are expected to put your best foot forward when it comes to what you wear and how you groom yourself for that day.

Whether you are fresh out of a break-up or not, these tips are sure to give you the necessary confidence to get you through your date.

Groom correctly

Comb your hair and trim your beard well to avoid looking scruffy and unkempt. If you have dreadlocks style them up neatly.

Whatever your situation just look presentable.


Every woman loves a man that smells nice but the same woman does not want to choke on your cologne either.

It can be very distracting and your date may spend most of her time sneezing and trying to concentrate on what you are saying.

Use a small amount of cologne before your date or try applying it an hour before the date.

Do not over-accessorize

Avoid wearing too much jewelry during your first date. There is no need to spot gold rings on all your fingers and ‘stuntin’ in your favorite gold chain during a first date.

It may make your date have a different perception of who you truly are.

A simple watch should do.

Do not under dress

Leave your t-shirts with the boyish slogans at home. You can unveil them after the two of you start dating- granted your date goes well.


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