Gilad's amazing gift to newly engaged Nairobi couple

Spoiler alert: She said yes!

Gilad sang sema milele as Kimanzi proposed to Alice.

Muindi Kimanzi is a man in love. So in love that he took approximately 75 days to plan his proposal. After getting friends to share this moment with him, he took the love of his life to Kigwa Hotel on Kiambu road to pose the big question.

Of course, cupid sent a helper.

Talking exclusively to PLive, Gilad told the beautiful love story of how a smitten Kimanzi approached him with the idea as his girl is a big fan of Millo’s music.

A clueless Alice adorned in a red flowing dress kept on asking what was happening when she found herself standing in inside a heart made of roses. “She resisted at the beginning. She kept asking Kimanzi what he had done. It took a while to make her focus on what was about to happen. Their friends and I had hidden,” Gilad recounts.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Kimanzi got on his knees to pose the big question, luckily a gob smacked Alice was enticed by the sweet music topped the presence of her friends said yes. It’s not every day the man of your dreams offers you a private performance by your favorite celebrity. It’s probably why the sweet and beautiful proposal ended with an overjoyed Alice sobbing freely in the arms of her fiancé.

Gilad’s message to his new found friends was simple and sincere, “Congratulations to Kimanzi and Alice. You are such a wonderful couple. ”

P Live wishes you well Sir Kimanzi and Alice.


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