5 annoying things Kenyan hairdressers should stop doing

Do you do this to your clients?


And all women- and some men- have all their talented hairdressers to thank for always keeping them looking fresh and stylish.

There are however some habits that some hairdressers adopt that may end up causing them a good clientele base.

Here are some suggestions on how to avoid losing your clientele and growing your business.

Keep time whenever you have an appointment with your client

No one likes to be kept waiting. So whenever ladies visit the salon, they want to get their hair done quickly so that they go about their other errands for the day and you too have other clients to work on. It's a win-win situation for both parties.

Listen to your client

The client is always right. They are the ones having their hair done after all. Listen to your client and do what they want done unless they ask for your opinion on the hairstyle they want you to do.

Stop moving around from one salon to the next

It can be very disappointing when you make your regular salon visit and they tell you how your hairdresser moved away and now you are stuck with the awkward option of choosing the hairdresser that you were not really feeling.

Moving from one salon to the next can be a bit irritating for the client and you might eventually end up losing that client.

At least notify your loyal client that you have moved.

Come up with different hairstyles

Style moja si ya kila mtu. Take time to identify which type of hairstyle will work with your client. Just because a hairstyle worked on your previous client does not mean it will work on the next one.

Don’t gossip about other clients to your current client

It is not a good idea to speak badly about your previous client to your current client. It really is none of your client’s business and it does not send a good message to your current client. They might form a misinformed judgement of the type of person you are.

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