With a good number of women opting to make the move back to their natural hair, a lot of work goes into maintaining that natural hair – especially when it comes to washing it.

Whether you have natural hair or permed hair, there are various mistakes that a lot of women make when washing their hair and it is necessary to avoid them in order to achieve the healthiest hair.

1.Washing your hair with water that is too hot

You know how you are not supposed to shower with hot water because it can damage your skin? The same concept applies to your hair.

Hot water tends to make the hair lose its strength which could lead to hair breakage.

Opt for lukewarm water the next time you wash your hair.

2.Scrubbing your scalp too hard when you wash it

We know your scalp has been itching for a while now and you could not wait to get your hands in there when you wash your hair.

You might want to go a bit easy on your scalp when you’re washing your hair because when you scrub too hard, your scalp may over produce natural oil which may in turn thus making your scalp dry.

Gently massage shampoo onto your scalp starting from your forehead to the sides and eventually the back of your hair.

3.Not soaking your hair well in water before using shampoo

When you are in a hurry, you sometimes do not soak your hair well in water in order to make lathering easier which in turn makes your shampoo less effective.

Your hair then ends up not being properly cleaned.

4.Applying shampoo and conditioner all over your hair

Shampoo is supposed to act like your soap when it comes to washing your hair so focus applying shampoo on the areas that are dirtiest such as your roots.

When using conditioner, try focus on applying it to your ends other than applying it all the way down to your roots.

Conditioner mainly helps with preventing breakage and your ends are more prone to breakage so that would be the best section of your hair to apply conditioner to.

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5.Skipping conditioner

Some people generally avoid using conditioner all together because people believe that conditioner kills the natural volume in their hair making it seem flatter than usual.

This will only happen is you apply conditioner wrongly which is all the way down to your roots.

6.Rushing through your hair washing routine

When you rush through your hair washing routine, you may in the process over shampoo your hair and in turn end up not rinsing it all out.

You might end up not rinsing it out until the next time you wash your hair. If you rush through washing your hair again and again then this might cause a build-up in your hair thus leading to an irritation of your scalp.