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6 weird Easter traditions you probably did not know about

Queer traditions

The Easter season when Jesus Christ was sacrificed on the cross for the salvation of mankind is once again here with us.

Various cultures around the globe mark these special days by participating in an array of traditions, some quite queer I should add.

Here are some of the interesting ways:

1. Burning Judas


In part of Greece, Mexico, Portugal and Spain an effigy of Judas is created which is  beaten up and burnt on the street to symbolise hatred for him (Judas) for betraying Jesus.

2. Whipping Women

In the Czetch Republic, men acquire handmade whips made of willow and decorated with ribbons which they use to hit the woman they fancy.

This act is not meant to be painful. It is believed that whipping on the Easter day makes women more healthy and beautiful.

3. Drenching one another with water


In Poland, boys head to the streets with buckets of water to splash it on one another in a tradition dubbed Smingus-Dyngus.

It is believed that girls who get soaked in the process, will get married within the year.

4. Easter Egg roll

In Washington DC, the White House holds an Easter Egg roll event at the South Lawn, where participants roll a coloured hard-boiled egg with a large serving spoon.

The race targets held on Easter Monday targets children (age 13 and younger) and their parents.


5. Colouring eggs red

In Greece, they paint their eggs red to symbolise the blood of Jesus Christ and rebirth.

6. Flying colorful kites

Bermudians fly colourful kites during Easter. The tradition is meant to signify ascension of Christ to heaven.


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