How men can stop sexual harassment at the workplace

Ignorance is not an option anymore.

From cleverly sneaked in sexual connotations in conversations to inappropriate compliments, you may think that it is harmless but it can actually end up making your workmate very uncomfortable at the workplace.

It can happen to both men and women but in most cases women tend to be the most affected.

Most of the time, victims of sexual harassment are left to fight their own battles without any help from their male colleagues and they may be left wondering why the men did not even try to help them out.

So what exactly can men do to help stop sexual harassment in the workplace?

1. Stop laughing it off and speak up when you see it happening

Men are known to be very open and candid with each other especially when their friends do something wrong so it should not be any different when it comes to matters on sexual harassment.

Pull your colleague aside and let them know that what they are doing is not right and that it could land them in serious problems at their workplace.

2. Invite other men to stand up against sexual harassment

Everything works out for the greater good when you work together. Some people may feel shy or just need an extra push to learn that something is wrong or to know what to do in a particular situation.

By speaking up about it, you open up a forum for people to stand by you and get better understanding of what is happening.

You need to educate them on why as men you need to protect women from harassment.

3. Listen to your female counterparts when they talk about sexual harassment

This not only helps you to empathize with what your female colleagues may be going through but it may also give insight on what they are comfortable with at the workplace.

It might not only be your colleague that may be doing something wrong but it could also be you and you may be unaware of it.

4. Check on the victim

Are they okay? Provide some comfort for them and let them know that you stand by them.

Sometimes that is all someone really needs – a simple affirmation of support.


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