Ignoring a sore throat could cause heart diseases

The risk of having a heart attack is 17 times higher in the seven days following a respiratory infection, University of Sydney research has found.

These could lead to serious respiratory complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia which could in turn trigger heart attacks and could even lead to rheumatic heart disease.

Some of the reasons as to how respiratory infections trigger heart attacks include an increase in the tendency towards blood clotting, inflammation and toxins which damage blood vessels and change blood flow.

An untreated sore throat can cause rheumatic heart disease which is caused by a bacteria known as group A streptococcus.

The overreaction that occurs within the body’s immune system when the streptococcus bacteria is in someone’s body, leads to the release of antibodies which cause inflammation and tissue damage in the heart.

Data has revealed that seventy percent of 1435 Kenyans suffering from heart ailments are between the ages of zero to 21 years.

Parents are advised to take caution if their child has a sore throat that is not having a running nose as this could lead to rheumatic heart disease.

"People should take measures to reduce exposure to infection, including flu and pneumonia vaccines where appropriate,” read the study.


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