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Is your sleep always interrupted by the urge to pee? Research reveals what you can about this

At same time, other specialists commented that nocturia could be sign of health problems such as diabetes, heart problems or sleep related-problems like sleep apnoea.

In a report by the CNN, the medics from Nagasaki University stated that nocturia (medical term for excessive urination during the night) could be partly associated to the amount of salt in the diet.

In the study in which more than 300 volunteers participated, it was established that reduced intake of salt led to people urinating less at night.

However a study author identified as Dr Matsuo Tomohiro, mentioned that nocturia – a problem which majorly affects people over 60 years – could be dealt with by modifying the diet.


"This work hold out the possibility that a simply dietary modification might significantly improve the quality of life for many people,” Dr Tomohiro was quoted by CNN.

However, medical experts have indicated that the toilet trips could also be attributed to high intake of water just before bed.

Here are some of the common foods which contain high percentage of salt:

Bread, breakfast cereals, bacon, ham, cheese, pasta, pizza etc.


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