The food in your kitchen that is putting you at risk of getting cholera

Prevention is better than cure..

From the 10 victims that were hospitalized after attending a conference at Weston Hotel to the Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich all being treated for cholera, it goes without saying that the prevention of cholera needs to be looked at from a different angle.

For instance people need to start questioning the manner in which their food is being handled in the kitchen; they need to be aware of what their food contains straight from the first stages of food processing all the way to its packaging and distribution.

Pesticides or veterinary medication used in crops and animals respectively require some time for the chemical compounds to be broken down to safe forms before people can consume the food.

Unfortunately, not all farmers follow the regulations when it comes to using pesticides and veterinary medication and this may pose a health risk to consumers of their food.

For instance animals that consume plants or feeds that could be contaminated with toxic chemical substances, for example drinking milk from cows that are on veterinary medication.

Milking the cow before the chemical compounds from the medication break down could cause serious complications to consumers.

Foods that have pesticides sprayed on them such as cabbages.

Foods by the roadside

Foods by the roadside are exposed to lead that comes from the fumes from motor vehicles and sewage water. Lead could cause poisoning of the nervous system as well as heart disease and kidney failure.

Basically we need to be careful of what we feed our animals in order to prevent ourselves from getting cholera.

Food additives could also cause harm to the body when constantly consumed – they include food colorings, sweeteners as well as food preservatives.

Grain that tastes bitter when cooked should also be disposed of as that could be a sign that the grain is affected.

Discoloured maize, nuts and beans should also be avoided.


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