8 clever ways Nairobians save up on water during rationing

Take notes, you're going to need them by end of this week.

Ensure you close all the taps.

However, necessity is the mother of invention and Nairobians are getting more creative by the day in order to survive the water crisis that is now taking over nation.

Don’t want get caught up in the struggle? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here are 10 clever ways Nairobians have been saving up on water.

1. Recycle

This is one of the basics. Instead of pouring out soapy water from washing clothes, you can use it to clean the wash rooms and the floors.

2. Wash dishes in basins instead of the tap

Instead of using pumped water to wash dishes straight from the tap, you can fetch the water and clean up using dish basins to prevent wastage.

3. Ensure you close all the taps

Most of the times water rationing occurs, you might get water streaming in at 3am when you’re dead asleep. Make sure you close all your taps and water outlets so that your tanks can fill for use the next day.

4. Collect rainy water

It’s rainy season in Kenya, don’t just stare wistfully at the rain, place your buckets and basins out in the open to collect rain water that you can use for house chores.

5. Restrategise personal hygiene.

Are you used to two showers a day? Cut it down to one and if completely in need of a clean, a wet cloth with a warm bowl of water will do just fine.

6. Water your plants at night

It helps retain the water and makes it much more effective for your plants without having to over water them as you would during the day.

7.  Keep water containers

These allow you to store your water for drier days. Just remember to clean them up if you haven’t used them in over a month.

8. Wash your hair at the salon

Instead of using so many litres of water, treat yourself with a random date to the hairdresser. Not only will they save your water, they’ll do an even better job while at it.

9. Instead of scrubbing, wipe

This is the only chance you get at being lazy. If water is not enough, then wiping your floors instead of using a pipe and soap to scrub them should do the trick.

10. Employ jugs in everything that you do

This is will help you use, less water when running your day to day household activities.


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