How Kenyans should prepare for elections

11 ways to protect your family this elections.

With peace as our top most priority, shops have been closed, businesses put on hold and schools are closing before the elections.

Still, with the Kenyan history of unrest at such a time, it is quite important to prepare for the worst as we hope for the best.

Here's a check-list of things to prepare for

1. Save up- It's time to cut off your costs and save up the extra money. Having a fall back plan to finance an impromptu travel and enough to sustain you for at least three weeks may come in handy.

2. Stock up on food- Keep unperishable food that can last you for at least fifteen days.

3. Emergency Kit- If you are on medication, stock up for a longer period of time. Also, prepare a first aid Kit complete with pain killers.

4. Identify the nearest hospital around you.

5. Documents- This is the best time to apply for that lost ID and scan all your important documents. Save your details online in a secure account and keep some in the office.

6. Charge up- Get your self an emergency phone with a long life battery, a solar rechargeable torch and extra batteries for your gadgets.

7. Get informed- Subscribe to the most reliable media source. Keep checking on updates and listening to the radio.

On the Election day

1. Dress appropriately- Stick to sneakers and jeans that are comfortable enough to run in.  DO NOT wear politically inciting garments and stick to minimum accessories.

2. Be silent- Your vote is your choice. Do not incite anyone to vote for a particular candidate and do not tell anyone who you are voting for.

3. Go home- It is in your best interest to be a potato couch on this particular date. Go cast your votes early in the morning and go home immediately. Do not let your children out and avoid the CBD area.

4. Celebrate in a peaceful way- No need to go shouting along the streets. Enjoy your winning vote in peace and do not brag to your neighbors.

TIP: If you are stocking up, plan for at least three weeks worth of stock and money.


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