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The best thing that ever happened to Kenya since sliced bread

This is the guy we've been waiting for. Beyond being eye candy with that sinfully sexy body, he's got the brains, the mojo and the classic guy charisma that could charm the police into saints who don't ask for bribe money.

Basically, he's the best thing that ever happened to Kenya since sliced bread.

And the ladies love him!


Joe puts the F in fashion... and a few other things wink*. He's not only the most stylish bachelor In town, he's got a career in modelling and (wait for it) health. Well known for his vast experience and in depth mastery of the human body, Joe confesses to always finding a long line of patients waiting for him at his office every Wednesday morning.

"I am yet to see a disappointed client, " he says with a blinding mega watt smile.

Yes, he is the love doctor.

Starting humble, Joe had to fight his way to becoming the formidable clinician that he is. He spent years in Asia learning the hard way the secrets of the human body mastering kama sutra and sex kungfu.


It's no secret that he's a ladies man.

Rumor has it that he once visited the Virgin Islands and now they are just Islands. In fact, a former consortium says that Sir Chuma isn't hung like the horses but rather, the horses are hung like him.

Candy*, a former lover who refuses to let us use her picture in the story exclusively fessed up to P Live giving saucy details of their last encounter. She said, "Ladies trust me, as long as this man has a face, then you will always have a seat."

His baby momma got pregnant when they were having phone sex.

Listening to him speak about his childhood, one could easily tell that Joe Chuma was born to lead. At the age of 18, he became the man of the house making his parents move out. We wouldn't be surprised if Superman has this guy's signature on his pajamas.


Joe Chuma, the man with a dream for Kenyans to make love and not war. Slowly, he's been gaining traction with his friendly accommodating personality. He is the life of parties that he has never even attended. Always ready to talk and help you score the lady of your dreams, Joe has been identified as the ultimate wingman by a healthy number of gentlemen from team mafisi who've scored the hot sexy pointees known to strictly date sponsors.

He's also well versed in the financial sector. Joe Chuma’s idea of a kibanda is pop bottles of expensive champagne on his roof top gazebo. He’s so fluid, he could fly your girl to the moon just as well as he can liquidate her assets and still have more for other girls to spend… or get spent on.

Why should you vote for this devilishly sexy political aspirant?

Because is the Kenyan man made of steel and rumour has it that his softer side is wood.

Want to know more about this impossibly sexy politician? Visit #JCforPrezzo and vote for this super hot candidate! And follow Joe Chuma on his journey on Facebook.


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