Sakata's Judge Jo-1 finally reveals her husband

For the first time ever, Judge Joanne shows off her husband's picture for their 14th anniversary.

Judge Jo1 and hubby Quincy Burgess.

So imagine the excitement as she has finally showed his face to the media.

In a post on facebook Judge Jo1 wished her husband of 14 years a happy anniversary.

She says that people who post their relationships on social media are corny but she was making an exception for their special day.

In a somewhat light note to complement the sweet photo of her husband, Quincy Burgess, kissing her cheek on their anniversary date, the mother of three wished the love of her life a happy 14anniversary.

She said, "So I never do this because I really think that people who post about their relationships on Facebook are corny. But today is the exception. I'll be corny today. 12 countries, 4 degrees, 3 kids, so many adventures with our own tradegy and resilience weaved together; happy 14anniversary babe. With lots of love and sillyness always."

In a previous interview Judge Jo1 tells the story of how she and her husband started life with a hustle.

For Joanne, a native of Bermuda in North America, the children came at a time when her husband and she were short on finances and a thousand miles away from home.

She became a mother while still at college in Jerusalem, Israel. Her first two sons have 18 months between each other.

And pregnancy was no easy task. Joanne gave birth to all her children through C section. She has had two miscarriages before and three successful births.

They moved to Kenya in 2011 when her husband who is an independent consultant in agriculture, got a job here.

Now as one of the most established dancers in a still budding industry, Judge Jo-1 and her husband have found their place, started a performing arts centre called The Cottage School Kenya while Quincy manages Kili Naturals.

To the Burgess family, P Live wishes you a happy anniversary.


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