Larry Madowo responds to Presidential Candidate's insults

He calls him out for cyber bullying and not in the politest way.

Larry Madowo

In a single tweet, he retaliates by belittling Dr Ekuru saying, "I will not be cyber bullied, not least by a thin-skinned presidential candidate with 0.1% support."

The controversy was sparked yesterday evening when Larry posted a picture of Ekuru's rally in Naivasha stating that the presidential candidate was addressing a mammoth crowd when it truth the number of people who attended was countable.

Claiming unnecessity, Ekuru then went on to call out Larry for being sarcasm with a series of tweets while indulging KOT with their not so polite comments. He said, " I can understand your level of sarcasm Mr. Valentine Prank. You are betraying every journalism you may have done."

Mr. Valentine is a reference to a prank from Last year's Valentine's Day when Larry faked a beating on live TV by a woman claiming to be carrying his child.

Meanwhile, KOT was avast showing support for Dr. Ekuru's dream to become the next President of Kenya. Larry was accused of being proud by KOT with most reminding him of the importance of humble beginnings.

Check out these series of tweets.

All this while, Larry only tweeted twice on the matter before his final blow. He was careful to remind the very upset presidental candidate that his office was the only one that covered his campaign despite his 0.1% support.


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