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Apps every successful business person needs


From late night Skype calls to impromptu e-mails and proposals, running a business however new is no small fete. However in this day and age of technology it would sad, if not career suicide, to not be technologically equipped to work from wherever you are. Well, unless you don’t mind camping in the office.

Would you like to earn your money while enjoying a vacation? We’ve got you. Here are important free apps that successful business men have.

1. Slack

This is an instant messaging platform that organizes your team’s conversations into separate private and public channels with no limit to the amount of users you want to add. It also files and archives information automatically while offering a great platform for sharing documents and folders. According to Nerdwallet, Slack users saw 48.6% fewer internal emails and held 25.1% fewer meetings after installing and using the app, leading to a 32% overall increase in productivity, according to a company survey.


2. Proven

No need to announce with the local dailies again. With this fantastic app ou can now post all your job vacancies to multiple job advertising boards from your phone. You can also find all applications for your advertised jobs and even categorize them into yes, no and maybe and schedule in when you would want to meet them. It’s like walking with your human resource manager every where you go.

3. Fuze

A video conferencing app that hosts online meetings  boasting a high definition videos and an amazing audio system that can accommodate a large number of people in one meeting.  for all devices and operating systems

4. Skype


Just like Facebook, Skype is one of those classics that has maintained superiority in the online communication industry that is now bursting with a large variety of options. Just like Fuze, Skype is a free app in all user systems that allows you to share information, chat and hold video confrences and group chats that are great for passing information both horizontally and vertically in a business. Need to chat with your team, Skype is a great way to go.

5. Addapt

One of the major problems facing the web is clatter. With the access to so many people and their information, it can take ages to sift through your data when looking for something. Take Facebook for instance, it synchronizes all the contacts from your Facebook, even the numbers you don’t need. However,  you can now enjoy a reduced number clatter mobile numbers with addapt as it allows your team to update their contacts information in your address book remotely as long as they use it.

6. Telegram

Yup, Whatsapp didn’t see it coming. There is a lot of controversy with Telegram due to the number of obscene channels people have created but then again that is one of it’s most powerful factors too. With this app, you can open channels globally accessible that allows you to have one on one chats with your clients. This is great for advertisement and feedback. It also allows you to edit your chats, hold private chats that disappear after however long you want.


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