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10 annoying people you will find in Kenyan matatus

Nonetheless, spending time in these Public Service Vehicles (PSV) you will never miss people who can irritate you to the core.

Here are top ten people you are sure to find:

1. Clumsy

You never want a clumsy person near you during the rainy season. When you allow them to pass, they will never lose the chance to smear your shoes with mud as they alight.


2. Loud

There some individuals in matatus who want their business to be other people’s business. They speak loudly on the phone, some even put the person on the line on loud speaker, for everyone to hear the whole conversation.

3. Sleepy and tired

There is nothing wrong with being tired and sleepy but a stranger who sleeps on you in a matatu can be very irritating.

It can even be more annoying if they start to drool.


4. Sweaty and stinky

There are people who generally have foul-smelling sweat. This causes a discomfort to the person who has to seat next to them, especially during a long journey.

5. People who occupy their seat and yours

I know it might sound insensitive, but people who are forced to occupy a small space because their seat-mate is a bit too big, feel robbed.

Immediately there is an empty seat in the PSV, you will always see them change positions.


Also, man spreading (the practice whereby a man, especially one travelling on public transportation, adopts a sitting position with his legs wide apart) can be very annoying.

6. Rude Touts

Nobody ever wants an encounter with a rude kange (tout) as they can literally mess up your day.

There are countless stories of conductors running away with passengers’ money while others verbally attacking their customers over petty issues.

7.  People who refuse to open window


Have you ever been in a stuffy matatu and the person seated near the window refuses to open it?

Personally, I do not do well in such spaces and can easily develop a headache.

At the same time, there are others who keep the windows wide open during a cold and rainy day and ignore your request to have it shut.

8. People who eat fries

I think matatu owners should consider banning fries in their matatus. It is tormenting to a hungry person when someone unleashes their packet of chips in the matatu and only leave you to indulge on the aroma.


9.  People with many children

I realise this might also sound heartless but it is so true. Ever sat next to a parent who lets their kids, who have muddy shoes, step on you?

This can be aggravating especially if you are donned in white clothes.

10.  Perverts

You will always find people who want to take advantage of women especially in a crowded matatu.


Some invent tactical ways to touch women’s private parts, particularly when squeezing along the matatu's corridor.

Others extend their hands to open the window just to have the feel of their victim's breasts.


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