6 Big mistakes lovers in long distance relationships make

Keep your long distance relationship blazing by avoiding these mistakes...


Relationship experts have identified some of the biggest mistakes lovers living in different cities or countries make, causing the fire in their affair diminish slowly.

1. Lack of Communication

Since the two of you are in different places, the one thing that will keep your relationship burning is communication.

Get to know how your lady or man is doing on a daily basis.

2. Closed Communication

There is always a tendency of being dishonest in your responses while on a phone call, text or email.

To allow your relationship grow, focus on keeping an open communication. Talk about your feeling honestly and freely.

3. Not keeping your word

If you agree on a date with your loved one who lives kilometers away, be sure to keep your word and meet as agreed.

Breaking your promise speaks volumes as they are always looking forward to spending time with you.

4. Distrust

Do not allow paranoia to take the best of you. Trust your partner and please do not go on their social media to stalk and start an argument when you find photos they have taken with people of the opposite sex.

5. Being lax on sending gifts

Surprise her with gifts every now and then. A lady will definitely be overwhelmed when she gets into the office to find a gift from her lover who is far away.

6. Never learning your partner

Even if you two only connect through phone calls make a conscious decision to always learn your partner.

Ask questions like, why she enjoyed the movie you took her to watch the last time you guys met, why he prefers black other than blue etc.

Ensure you are always learning her so that when the two of you are eventually together, you do not feel like she/he is a stranger.


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