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6 terrible make-up and fashion fails that went down in 2016 that shouldn't happen in 2017

I honestly think that 2016 was a great year for fashion and make-up.


Brands released more-inclusive fashion lines and make-up brands started catering to women of color. A lot of good stuff happened last year, but in the same breath there were also some really bad make-up and fashion fails I hope we left in 2016.

Here are some of them:

1. Ashy nude lips  

The 90’s nude lip seemed to have had a resurgence in 2016, with various brands launching different shades of nude lipsticks.


Unfortunately most of these nudes were not really kind to the black skin and made women of color look mad ashy because most of them were engineered for our Caucasian sisters.

Lucky for us there is a solution for this make-up faux pas and that is to apply a brown lip liner at the periphery of our lips then fill it in with the nude lipstick. Alternatively one can use brown lipstick with names like coffee, cognac and Kylie Jenner’s True Brown K which are basically a nude for most black women.

2. Cake-y foundation

Cake-y foundation was all the rage in 2016. Don’t get me wrong, you can still wear heavy foundation and still look cute just like Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet, but if you look like an extra in Michael Jackson’s thriller,  then its time to tone that stuff down.

Here is how to get a fabulous light make up look and still look hot as F**k!


Go To Makeup Tutorial For Beginners 3. Too Much Under Eye Concealer

Last year many Kenyan girls were a little heavy handed with the make-up brushes and concealers resulting to halo effect in the under eye area.

But there is a way to solve it and that is don’t use concealor that is too light for you. The best way to conceal your under-eye is by using a concealer that is your shade or a shade lighter than your real complexion

4. Too Much highlighter

I know we all want to look like a glowing goddess, but if the make-up makes you look like ‘Guy Diamond’ from Trolls or a glowing disco ball you know that you went overboard.


For that enviable glow that makes you look like you bathed in the dust of a thousand angelic fairies instead of glitter and grease, you can add a little highlight to your foundation for a luminous look. Alternatively, if you want to achieve that tight, right and bright look highlight the upper part of your face; that is above the cheekbones, brow bone, along the nose and on your cupid bow.

Learn how to highlight below:

5. Flimsy tights or Yoga pants worn as pants

Tights are not pants. Period. Don’t wear them as pants or if you don’t want your camel toe peeking for the wheel world to see. Tight have also subjected their wearers to flashed undies and other fashion fails that have left the wearers embarassed.


But if tights are what you are in to, then get some thick jeggings or preserve your modesty by covering it up with a long top.

6. Transparent shoes

I had seen this kind of shoes a while back but I didn’t think much about them. Kumbe they were to make a comeback in 2016?

They look cute at first but as beauty blogger Jackie Aina says, one's toes end up looking like a pack of thawed sausages once the heat kicks in. And its so not a cute look.


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