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6 wealthy Kenyans who prove D students employ A students

Owing to the wealth he has amassed and the expensive life he lives, some Kenyans were quick to opine that education was not everything.

A section of the public stood firmly behind the Governor, who stated that he was proud of his below average grade, while others cast doubts on his intellectual capabilities to lead a county.

Joho is a successful politician with several booming businesses at the Coast.

Last year his two family-owned companies, Portside Freight Terminal Container Station and Auto Port Freight Station, came on the spot following a dispute with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).


Also, a KRA detective in March revealed that the governor owns two high-end motor vehicle – rolls Royce KBR 001R and Porches Cayenne KCG 001J.

The probe also brought to light Mr Joho’s four Kenya shillings accounts and two US dollars ones at the CFC Stanbic Bank.

Joho’s stylish look also proves that he spends extravagantly on his outfits, as they include luxurious designs such as Gucci, Polo, Lacoste among others.

Here are other Kenyans who have made it big without much education:

2. Gerald Gikoyo


Mr Gikoyo is probably the oldest and richest Kenyan. The 104-year-old billionaire owns almost half of downtown Nairobi.

He came to the City mid-1920s with no education at all but with an earnest desire to make wealth.

Gikonyo was part of the famous Rwathi boys who transformed their lives from mere hawkers - selling vegetable in Marikiti - to wealthy business owners.

In 1947, Gikonyo established Mwihoko; General Rwathia Supplies, which has expanded over time to become more than 50 companies employing more than 100,000 people.

3. Deepak Kamani


After consistently being the last student in class Mr Kamani dropped out from school while in Form Two.

The billionaire is on record noting that he failed miserably even in swimming class.

Nonetheless, this did not deter him from starting his posh mill business under Kamsons Limited, which opened a door for him to enter the world of Government tenders, associated with billions of money.

Kamani also owns Zuri Group Global which has a chain of five and seven-star hotels in India, Kenya, the United  Kingdom, South Africa and exclusive homes in Dubai

4. Njenga Karume


Karume’s grass to grace story is probably the most narrated one in Kenya. His phenomenal rise from a charcoal burner to a business magnate has motivated many who may not have the advantage of going to school.

In his autobiography, Karume revealed his journey from being born in poverty, receiving minimal education and then, through his own initiative, venturing into business during one of the toughest times in Kenya's colonial history.

The deceased built a vast business empire that cut across major economic sectors including agriculture, transport, hospitality and the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Karume who served as an assistant minister and MP died in 2012 leaving his children fighting over his Sh500 billion empire.

5. Mike Sonko


Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko lives a flamboyant life yet his education papers is nothing to brag about.

Mr Sonko has created employment to hundreds of youth in Kenya and under his initiative Sonko Rescue Team, he has been able to help thousands.

The senator owns a fleet of high-end vehicles and a lavish palatial home in Mua hills among other assests.

Nevertheless, the Senator attained his degree recently as part of the regulations to vie for a political seat in the country.

6. Maina Kageni


Classic 105 presenter, Maina Kageni, is one of the highest paid radio personalities in the country.

After completing his high school education at Laiser Hill, Kageni flew to the UK for his college education but did not register at the institution.

However, he started working as a truck driver and fish distributor for some Chinese firm.

When his mother went for his graduation, she was shocked to find out that her son’s name was not on the list of graduands.

Though he never paid keen interest to education, his life has turned out fine and the guy leads a luxurious lifestyle.


Kageni wines and dines with the who-is-who and is also rumoured to own a holiday house in Miami.


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