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5 things to do to attract any man

Ladies, how many times have you been in a party, office, club or even a matatu but you always feel men are not giving you the attention you deserve.

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Ladies, how many times have you been in a party, office, club or even a matatu but you always feel men are not giving you the attention you deserve. And you have not figured out why, you know you are pretty you believe you have put yourself “out there” every time but till to date you still can’t figure out what it is you do wrong.

After not getting enough attention, you resort to settle on being the “wingwoman.” - a girl who sits and looks pretty and takes care of the handbags when the pal is being hit on by guys .

You can only be a wingwoman for so long, so how do we change this situation? Cause the next girls night out, we need to make you the “guy catcher”.

First and foremost, you need to understand men are visual creatures, what they see is what they will come to hunt, so first impression does really matter.


Here are some little tricks to try and improve your success with guys


Confidence in a woman is sexier than the Louboutins you have been saving for. Confidence rigs out of your aura in every step you take, when you just strep into your room, someone can pin-point you are confident: from the way you carry yourself, are your eyes cast down, is your head perched on your shoulder gracefully or are you looking like you are carrying the whole world’s problems on your shoulder? However, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, we need you confident, not arrogant.

Eye-contact and smile

Men need a “green light” to come talking to you. They need hint that you actually want to talk to them. What you need more that make-up, is your best smile (let it be real), and eye contact. Now, don’t go making gugu eyes for hours, the guy will think you are creepy.


Spot the man, give him a quick glance-don’t forget the smile. Look away, few minutes later, wander in his directions again. He will notice you.

Look good, smell good

Smell/look good, a man will notice. Smell/look bad, a man will notice. Won’t stop stressing, first impressions count, men are virtual creatures. So get your hair did, you clothes ironed and put well together, show off your best features and smell nice.

Don’t finish the whole bottle though, just enough.

Avoid large groups


If you come to the club with ten of your friends, kinda makes men intimidated. Three is a good number of women (if there’s a man, he has to look interested in one of your friends), that way the guy can clearly see he is not with you.

Laugh, radiate positivity and embrace your sexuality

Who doesn’t like someone who is laughing? They look happy.

The aura you give can be read, if you are positive, you look fun and happy to be around. People want to associate with you.

Have amazing legs? Show them off. We all have something that we consider our best feature, so work that feature.


And let’s be honest, that man approaching you is not coming to figure out how your brain works, they are sexually attracted to you. And that is a good thing.


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