Why millenials are taking long to get married

Millenials are single or choose to be single for one reason or the other


The conversation is going pretty well until she drops the marriage question that you have been dreading since you got to the party.

“You are thirty years old now, when are you planning on settling down and getting married?”

“I’m sure the right one will come along when the time is right,” a simple, satisfactory answer that should keep her off the subject-at least you hope so.

An hour later, your Aunt pulls you aside and tells you how worried she is that you may be waiting too long for marriage. You give a similar answer to what you told her the first time she asked with hopes that she will let it go.

She doesn’t and keeps nagging you the entire time you are there.

If you have experienced something similar, you are not alone.

Millenials are single or choose to be single for one reason or the other. Here are some of the reasons why they take long to get married.

Lack of financial stability

They do not have a good solid financial status yet and want to make sure they are set for the future before committing to marriage.

Desire to further their studies

Another reason millenials may not be getting married is because they may want to further their studies- something that requires time, patience and finances.

Need to want a better paying job

The job they may be at is just not paying enough for them to secure a future.

Family members keep pushing them to get married

As in the example above, family members can end up being a nag especially when it comes to marriage.

They want to see their grandkids; they are ready to have a wedding- basically most of their reasons are based on what they want and they do not realize that their niece, nephew son or daughter is the one that will be in the marriage.


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