And. It's. All. True.

There's only one thing as richly rewarding as sitting down and binging Tiger King in one sitting, and that's doing so with one eye on Twitter. This is Joe Exotic's internet now, we're just living on it.

Many Twitter users hailed Tiger King as the salve to their quarantine-induced boredom:

National emergency life is lowkey boring Netflix: we got you. #tigerking Amanda Porter (@AmandaP17082266)

Day 14 of no sports. Watching a gay zoo manager seduce straight men with meth & tigers Dameka Rochelle (@DamekaRochelle)

Me falling into the hype telling people to actually watch #tigerking robinfromhr (@robinfromhr)

And they've got a point.

The Tiger King jet skiing montage may be the greatest thirty seconds in documentary film history. Not sure it can be topped. Clay Travis (@ClayTravis)

#TigerKing was so insane that by the time this guy pulled up with a skeleton riding shotgun I didnt even blink and the show didnt feel the need to explain it Ramsey N. Closet (@ram_punzel)

While just as many viewers became immediately obsessed with the show's eccentric and fascinating central figure, polygamous zoo owner Joe Exotic:

Any previous answer I gave to who in the world would you like to have dinner with can now officially be changed to Joe Exotic aka Tiger King. That is my final answer. Thanks. Daniel Ricciardo (@danielricciardo)

Me leaving quarantine after Binging #TigerKing and listening to Joe Exotic music Joe Bononno (@JoseTheCuervo)

This the genie that pops out when you rub a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew Leerooooooy Jenkins (@issa_handle_)

If you see someone with this shirt watch out. They dont care about nothing. This is the shirt you wear when you quit your job #TigerKing thedodo (@thedodo19362714)

What my hair will look like in about 1 month after I try cutting it on my own. #TigerKing The Gay Resident (@thegaymd)

Me every time they played Joe Exotics music videos #TigerKing Chanel (@Chanelsobubbly)

This man just bragged about his husbands balls in front of his husbands mother at his husbands funeral. I... #TigerKing Naptown Naker (@thunter86)

Joe Exotic, Doc Antle, and Carol Baskin snitching on who the animal exploiter is #TigerKing TheGirlWhoTalksAboutTV (@BackInBlackmon7)

Others started thinking about the inevitable feature film adaptation.

matthew mcconaughey watching the tiger king knowing that he cant start developing a movie where he plays joe exotic because the entire film industry is shut down nick usen (@nickusen)

If I had to cast American Crime Story: Tiger King Woody Harrelson as Joe Exotic (dedrick) (@boydedrick)

This being the internet, it wasn't long before viewers started sharing their own thoughts and theories about what really happened to Carole Baskin's husband, Don Lewis .

We all know who the real villain was...... #TigerKing Cody_HTM (@Clemons_HTM)

Carole seasoning Don in his sleep. #TigerKing Depressed Domme (@carissarho)

Things you say when you definitely didnt feed your first husband to a tiger. #TigerKing Marzipan (@LifeAsMerry)

Meanwhile, on Pet Twitter, people were just enjoying the big cat content.

My cat has been an unbelievable asshole lately biting, chasing us around, digging into the covers and I think its because shes watching Tiger King with us and thinks she is a big cat and not, say, a twelve pound tuxedo who cries in fear if you open the front door. Scaachi (@Scaachi)

Me after finishing all 7 episodes of #TigerKing kaylee oberer (@kayleeoberer)

Tiger King directors and producers Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin have stated that they still have plenty of unseen footage in the can, adding that as a number of the show's unresolved mysteries continue to unfold in real time, a second season is not out of the question. Until then, we'll always have Joe Exotic's Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park .