The life-size "Batmobile 2018" is equipped with a beastly 500 horsepower engine, perfect for chasing down the Joker or Catwoman, and features hood-mounted machine guns (one of the only things on the vehicle that aren't functional).

You Can Buy a Fully Functional Batmobile Replica
You Can Buy a Fully Functional Batmobile Replica
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Other features include a 255x zoom thermal imaging camera, a night vision camera (because what kind of self-respecting super villain commits crimes during the day?), armored tinted windows, automatic doors and a detachable Formula One-performance steering wheel.

The interior perfectly matches what fans saw in the movie with Alcantara leather upholstery worthy of a billionaire playboy like Bruce Wayne , and includes the comforts and amenities that most modern drivers want, including a USB port, a GPS, air conditioning and Bluetooth.

The car, which was built last year, is now available for one lucky fan to buy over at Russian dealer provided you have a spare $850,000 or so, of course (the listing is 55 million rubles). And for anyone who's doubting whether the thing actually runs, it's being sold with 75 miles on the clock. In other words, it's primed and ready for plenty more adventures.