• Dr. Pimple Popper posted a #throwback video on Instagram of a pimple that squeezes out as a long curling string.
  • A assistant says its like string cheese. Dr. Sandra Lee, MD thinks more linguine.
  • Lees office is closed due to coronavirus so perhaps expect some more throwback videos to entertain yourself while under your own lockdown.

Dr. Pimple Poppers office is closed. A receptionist answering the number to the Upland, Calif., clinic where dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, MD operates confirmed that the state coronavirus lockdown means Dr. Lee is not seeing patients and presumably not making eye-popping videos for her social media channels. The order includes some exceptions for healthcare businesses, but Dr. Pimple Popper is not carving up cysts or squeezing out blackheads these days. Instead, she is responsibly chilling at home and disseminating medical information.

So many popaholics are also stuck at home, hungry for distraction and dont know how many hours of footage she has on hand before her social media stream runs dry!

Luckily, Dr. Lee has built up a library of videos through the years. Today on Instagram , she posted an oldie, where a normal-looking facial pimple bursts out into a surprisingly long line of white gooey string.

Wow, its like string cheese, says one of her assistants.

Its like linguini, Dr. Lee counters, presenting the curling shape to the bemused patient.

The caption reads: Lets do a pop #throwback day! Whats pops do you want to reminisce about today!

If youre looking to dial back into the Dr. Pimple Popper videography with your spare time, we recommend this epic struggle against a ten-year-old cyst on a womans head, in which Dr. Lee and the patient breezily discuss lobster bisque as she chops the cyst (and then shows what decade-old mummified keratin looks like) or with a patient who describes the joy of watching Dr. Pimple Popper videos while high on edibles.

Watch her latest video here: