• In one of her latest Instagram videos, Dr. Pimple Popper is back with a classic blackhead pop.
  • Blackheads are hair follicles that have become plugged with oil and dead skin.
  • This blackhead looks just like an ear piercing that Dr. Pimple Popper has to set free.

Dr. Pimple Popper is back with a perennially popular pop on Instagram. The dermatologist and TLC host whose real name is Dr. Sandra Lee is tasked with removing a sizable blackhead on her patient's earlobe. Thanks to its position, this latest pop looks just like she's squeezing an ear piercing free.

The video begins with Dr. Lee going in with her trust comedo extractor in order to get rid of the blemish. Carefully, she begins applying pressure with the tool until the top of the blackhead comes free slowly. But this blackhead doesn't come out all at once. Dr. Lee has to continually wiggle her extractor back and forth over her patient's earlobe in order to free its contents. There's a bit of elbow grease that's required.

Ultimately, though, Dr. Lee is successful (as usual) and is able to get all of the dead skin and oil free from the spot. When she gets the contents out and places them on a piece of gauze, she explains to her patient that it's "almost like we have a little ear piercing here."

If you want to see Dr. Pimple Popper pop an "ear piercing," check out the Instagram video below.