Aniston and Rudd, who also worked together on the 2012 movie Wanderlust, got together this week for a reunion with Friends actors Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow at a SAG-AFTRA awards evening, where Cox and Kudrow presented Aniston with an award for her work with St Jude Children's Hospital.

Later that night, Aniston took a photo with Rudd and talent manager Aleen Keshishian, in which she made a friendly jab at Rudd's ever-youthful appearance, joking that he's actually way older than 50. "Oh and by the way, Paul Rudd is 83 years old," she said, on her brand new Instagram.

Jennifer Aniston Mocks Paul Rudd's Lack of Aging
Jennifer Aniston Mocks Paul Rudd's Lack of Aging
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So how exactly does Rudd do it? He hasn't dropped the skincare regime just yet, but back in 2015 he did sing the praises of a good SPF. "I am a big believer in sunscreen," he told InStyle . "I'm not one for tanning. I used to be, back when I was rocking the Depeche Mode look. Honestly, I wear sunscreen not to prevent wrinkles but because I don't want to get skin cancer."

It helps that over the last five years, Rudd has been in almost constant training for the Ant-Man and Avengers movies. My day was centered around fitness and health, and that was kind of a first," he said of his Ant-Man & The Wasp prep. "Everything else about my day kind of had to fit in around the workouts. I was going to be held accountable for it, and there was a reason for doing it."