"When you're coming up with what your persona is gonna be," Corden said, "as a WWE superstar, what was it about jorts that you thought, that's gonna be my thing, I'm gonna be a jorts guy?"

Cena explained: "If you look at my other options, it's just underwear. I wanted to do some sort of street clothes, because my persona was a tough wannabe rapper kid from the mean streets of West Newbury. Tough to do that in your underwear. Tough to do that."

"I also wear sneakers, most guys wear like calf-high or knee-high leather boots," he continued, before adding that there was a very practical reason behind his choice of material.

"So I'm pretty much in street clothes, and I chose denim because you don't blow the crotch in denim," he said. "I tried cargo pants, and in front of the world a few times, here I am, trying to put my life on the line with the superstars that I have a match with, and everybody is just looking at my dick. So denim's a safe play."

He went on to say: "And they're back in, so I kinda stood the test of time!" His fellow guest, actress January Jones, was skeptical about that last part, asking: "Are they, though?"

With his movie career going from strength to strength , Cena is spending less and less time in the ring, but he has promised fans that he will never fully retire from the WWE , and will always remain involved in the organization in some capacity or another although he admitted last year that his body can't quite take the punishment it could when he was starting out.