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Meanwhile, Mario Lopez congratulated him on repping guys in their forties: "Show em what fellas in their 40s are all about! You look awesome bro!!"

Wahlberg took the photo after completing the F45 Challenge , an eight week fitness program which focuses on burning fat and building muscle through a combination of HIIT, circuit training and functional training. He's also been abstaining from alcohol, hence the "no wine 54 days" hashtag. Wahlberg is a fan of F45 workouts, and recently put his brother Donnie through his paces with some full-body F45 circuit training. (Spoiler alert: Donnie didn't love it quite so much.)

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Of course, Wahlberg is no stranger to challenging himself: the 48-year-old actor went viral last year when he shared his workout schedule to Instagram while training ahead of filming The Six Billion Dollar Man. The intense regime started at 2:30 in the morning, and included two workouts every day followed by a recovery session in a cryotherapy chamber.

These days, he starts working out at 4 a.m. "Im very precious with my time, which is why Im so disciplined," he told Men's Health Australia . "I try to inspire people that there is enough time in the day to accomplish all of your goals and find that great balance."