Teachers who are tasked with teaching sex-ed are often pretty good at fielding questions from their students, but what happens when someone asks a question that's totally out of left field? A recent Reddit thread asked middle school sex-ed teachers so share the funniest questions they've ever been asked...and the respondents had some preeeeetty delightful answers.

One teacher said a student asked what they should do if they got an erection during school. Their reponse? "Sit down." Another educator said a student inquired about "if the semen knows how to jump to the vagina."

A bunch of teachers said they had received questions about if it's possible to break your penis (answer: yes), and one redditor who teaches fifth grade said they once got a hilariously bizarre question about what would happen if someone...poured cement in their anus (answer: bad things, we're guessing).

Some former students chimed in as well, with one user saying they once asked their teacher a puzzling question: "If a woman was with 2 men at the same time and one had an STD would the STD travel through the woman and infect the other man like a wire conducts electricity?" Someone else added that their classmate once asked: "If it feels so good, why do people scream?"

One user who taught sex-ed for 10 years shared a delightful roundup of past questions they'd been asked:

"Is it healthy to eat the booty like groceries?"

"Who is suppose to blow during a blow job ?"

"Is it still blue balls if it hurts but my balls stay kinda skin colored?"

"I heard that a Trojan War Horse is when a guy puts a lot of power in his push. Is that true?"

Oh kids. They truly say the darndest things.