Down Dating The app is literally called Down, so you know that folks on it are looking to get down. With every match, you can choose whether youre looking to Date or Hookup, so if youre just looking to have sex, you know which one to press. Download Down Dating on iOS or Google Play . Down

HUD HUD is for people looking to hookup, plain and simple. They call it commitment-free dating. Youll notice on their site , they use the tagline, The app for people who want the [eggplant emoji] but not the [ring emoji]. Download HUD on iOS or Google Play . Hud

Grindr Grindr was the first geolocation hookup app that you could download to your smartphone. The app, which predominantly caters to gay, bisexual, and bicurious men , tells you exactly how far someone is away (in feet). So if youre looking for a quick and easy hookup, you can find a guy whos less than a block from your apartment. Download Grindr on iOS and Google Play . Grindr

Feeld Feeld is an app that caters to open and polyamorous couples of all genders and sexual orientations. Youll notice that there are a lot of couples on the app who are looking for a third to experiment with. So if youre into threesomes, this is the app for you. Even if youre not looking for a third, but just want a more casual fling, Feeld is a great space because you can be very candid about your hookup desires from the getgo. Youd be less likely to be judged on Feeld for hooking up than on an app like Tinder. Download Feeld on iOS and Google Play . Feeld

3Somer 3Somer is a specific threesome app, and as we previously noted in Mens Health, this platform is specifically geared for couples and swingers, meaning it typically draws in a more seasoned crowd than Feeld. Meeting a couple for a casual encounter could be as easy as creating a profile and swiping through for couples. Download 3Somer on iOS and Google Play . 3Somer

Tinder We all know Tinder and likely have a love-hate relationship with it. You can use Tinder if youre interested in dating someone long term, but lord knows you can use it if youre just looking to hook up, too. Download Tinder on iOS and Google Play . Tinder

Scruff There are numerous sex apps out there for queer men that cater predominantly to a pump and dump. Scruff is a wildly popular one that caters to hairier men think guys who prescribe to the gay bear, cub, and otter tribes. Download Scruff on iOS and Google Play . Scruff

OkCupid With OkCupid you can definitely find people to date, but theres also a sex-positive/kinky/hookup side to to the app/site. I think this is because OKC profiles are so damn thorough. Ive seen people write literal novels about what it is theyre looking for and answer dozens of personal questions on the app. So some folks are very explicit about their desire to hookup and exactly how theyd like to do it. Download OkCupid on iOS and Google Play . OkCupid

FetLife FetLife life has been around for a dozen years. Its a huge social networking website (and now app) for folks interested in BDSM and various fetishes and kinks. FetLife distinguishes itself from other apps by emphasizing that its a social networking site and not a dating site. Download FetLife on Google Play . FetLife

Wild With a sex app named Wild, you know that things can get... wild. This app allows you to rewind on matches you first initially passed on (albeit it accidentally or on purpose). You can also upload NSFW pictures that only matches have access to. Download Wild on iOS or Google Play . Wild