• The Old Guard is now available on Netflix.
  • The film stars Charlize Theron as an immortal soldier and features contemporary music.
  • Here are all the songs from the movie.

The Old Guard (based on the graphic novel by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez) axe slashed its way onto Netflix last week. Its since become one of the most watched films on the streaming giant, partly due to Netflixs advertising thrust, partly due to its summer blockbuster timing, and mostly due to Charlize Theron, who simply cannot make a bad action movie. (Can we just make her South African James Bond already?)

Part of the films appeal also comes from its comic book tone: jokes, stylized killing, sci-fi, conspiracy, Chiwetel Ejiofor inadvertently becoming the team's ex-CIA Nick Furywe dig itand music. And whereas Guardians of the Galaxy and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World build their comic worlds around tesseracts, alien sex, and rock and roll, The Old Guard keeps it pretty modernincluding contemporary R&B and, well, just a lot other sad, moody shit with bass. (Its like Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse but less fun.)

While were not quite sure how that genre matches the historical immortality epic that is the film, who cares? These are some genuine jams.

Youll probably recognize Frank Ocean, but if youre confused by some of the other tracks, weve got you covered. Heres every song in The Old Guard soundtrack. (And check out the original score by Volker Bertelmann and Dustin O'Halloran here .)

"Born Alone Die Alone" by Madalen Duke

"Keep This Between Us" by Krtas Nssa

"Godspeed" by Frank Ocean

"Put You On" by Kierra Love

"Say Your Prayers" by Blithe

"Nobody Know" by Chaii

"The World We've Made" by Ruelle

"Going Down Fighting" by Phlotilla feat. Andrea Wassa and Topher Mohr

"Silence" by Marshmellow feat. Khalid

"Cruel World" by Active Child

"Baby Outlaw" by Elle King