As fans watched in the episode, the last phone call Rivera received was from the switchboards of the financial firm (with the identity of the called still unknown), before he rushed out of his home in response. Shortly thereafter, the firms employees were instructed to not discuss the situation (although a very recent statement to denied that), and Stansberry was supposedly offering a reported $1,000 reward for information on what happened to Rivera.

As Stansberry isn't interviewed for the episode and the producers paint him as something of a person of interest, viewers might be wondering whats happened to him since Riveras disappearance and whether he knows any more information.

Where is Frank Porter Stansberry Now?

Since Riveras death, Stansberry became a controversial figure in the financial industry. Back in 2010, he posted a video called to YouTube, spending 83 minutes discussing what he thought to be the end of the U.S. monetary system. The video also ends with an ad for a free trial subscription to , with a voiceover from Stansberry, stating that he knows in his heart it will be one of the best financial decisions youll ever make. The firm is still in business, and it also has its own podcast titled .

As for what happened to Stansberry himselfalthough his account shows that hes still working for the company he founded, he seems to have kept a private profile since Riveras case, and tracks with his not participating in interviews surrounding Rivera's death. Does that seem somewhat shady? Possibly. But chances are we wont know any more details unless he breaks that silence.