Need a distraction from the world? Intrigued by medical curiosities and not at all squeamish? Want to learn about pilar cysts? Bored with at least 25 minutes to spare? Then go to Dr. Pimple Poppers YouTube channel and lets do this!

Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee MD turns one mans head into a double feature of cyst extraction in a newly released YouTube video that lasts nearly half an hour .

The middle-aged gentleman has been dealing with one moderate pilar on the top of his noggin and one gigantic one on the back of his head.

In the first skin pocket, Lee finds a pair of kidney bean-sized formations of bloodied keratin. You got a double! she explains, when finding the second nugget. You had twins! Its like back in the day when people didnt get ultrasounds. Its like, Wait a minute! I see a foot.

If you see a foot sticking out of my head, Im in the wrong place, the man wisecracks back.

The second cyst proves me to be struggle. Lee, armed with scissors and hooked instrument, creates a wide gash, breaks open the sac wall and then squeezes out a paste-like substance. The stuff is thicker, she says. Its like wax almost or peanut butter. Youve got organic peanut butter coming out of your head! She spends about 15 minutes extracting an object surrounded by bumps and scarring that looks like a miniature heart.

Watch the long video to see Lees stitching skills at work and also hear her wax (sorry about the pun) about the nature of pilar cysts , which build up in the epithelial lining of clogged hair follicles. A pilar cyst is derived from a hair root shaft, but like a different part of the hair, she explains, making it a little different from an epidermoid cyst , which is stuck beneath the skin.

Its gruesome, gooey and educational. Enjoy the distraction.