After Dan and Linda were murdered in 1989 and Broderick's trial started, her oldest daughter, Kim , entered the spotlight when she testified in a number of preliminary hearings and in court. Kim, then 20 years old, alleged that her mother had told her that she hated Dan, and reportedly, her anger often spilled over onto her kids as well.

However, little is known about what happened to Broderick's children after she went to jail in 1991. Here's what we know about their whereabouts now.

Where are Betty Broderick's kids today?

Broderick's children have mainly stayed out of the public eye, but Kim opened up about her father's murder and her mother's lengthy jail sentence in her 2014 book, "Betty Broderick, My Mom."

"Outside of my dad being killed, it [my mothers incarceration] is the worst heartache and sorrow I could ever imagine," Kim wrote.

After Broderick went to prison, Kathy, the ex-wife of Dan's brother Larry, was granted permanent custody of Daniel and Rhett , who were minors at the time. The two boys had already been living with Larry and Kathy when Broderick committed the double murder, but because Kim and sister Lee were adults when their mother went to prison, a custody agreement was not needed for them.

Today, Broderick's kids are divided on whether or not she should be released from prison on parole. Broderick will not be eligible for parole again until 2032 , but during a hearing in 2011, Lee said that she wanted her mother to come live with her. Youngest chid Rhett reportedly sided with Lee.

However, Dan said that his mother is still "hung up on justifying what she did" and she should remain in prison. "In my heart, I know my mother is a good person," he further explained. "But along the way she got lost. Releasing a lost person into society could be a dangerous mistake."

And while Kim has reportedly denied her mother's requests to write a letter supporting her release from prison, she has visited Betty behind bars.