• Altered Carbon Season 2 is now out on Netflix.
  • In the series we meet Colonel Carrera, played by Torben Liebrecht.
  • Here's everything to know about the German actor.

Joining Anthony Mackie in the newest season of Netflix's Altered Carbon: the herculean jaw of Torben Liebrecht, cut like a Greek statue. Also, Torben Liebrecht himself. He's in Season 2 as well.

Liebrecht plays Colonel Carrera, the leader of the Protectorate Special Forces 'Wedge,'" who dress something like Hugo Boss-inspired Ninjas; that would be SS officers with katanas.

The 42-year old has been acting since the mid 90s, but you might not have seen him in too many roles this side of the Atlantic. Aside from the black leather muscle on Altered Carbon, here are some other facts to know about Liebrecht.

He splits his time between German and English cinema

Liebrecht was born in Germany and attended the prestigious Munich University for Television and Film. He's appeared in several German TV series and films. But he's also in English cinema. Where you might have seen him: as a single-episode character in Showtime's Homeland or beside Oscar Isaac and Ben Kinglsey in Operation Finale.

He has a Canadian Screen Award for playing a Nazi

No, it's not quite a right of passage for German thespians. Still, Liebrecht played the complex Franz Faber in CBC's X Company for three seasons. The series follows five recruits who train as agents before being sent to Europe during WWII.

In an interview with Digital Journal , Liebrecht explained what drew him to the antagonistic character:

"As a native German, I'm very careful about everything that is, you know, right of the middle. Those are very, very sensitive issues, I think. But what mostly drew me to the character is his personal plot line, and ultimately in the second season, how he could cope with the mercy killing of his own son and how he could try to hold on to the last thing that means something in his life, mainly the love of his wife Sabine."

The acclaimed series wrapped in 2017.

Fans are loving his twisted Altered Carbon villain already

Just from scanning social media, it's clear that fans are loving to hate Liebrecht's twisted Col. Carrera.

Damn @torbenliebrecht tole as Ivan Carrera totally bossing that up role Jibs #SaveDaredevil (@jibs_91)

OMG ep2 of #AlteredCarbon and damn @torbenliebrecht giving me all the holy shit scary vibes! pic.twitter.com/9ERQBtPK4v Kelsey Nolen (@nolenag03)

He wears a suit like nobody's business

Altered Carbon really did Liebrecht a disservice dressing him in that ugly GI Joe battle gear. The man was made for more stylish things. Thankfully, we have his Instagram.