As the show follows the star and wellness expert as they , throughout the shows eight episodes fans have the chance to see Efrons new physique in action, whether dunking into a lagoon in Iceland or stripping down at a wellness retreat deep in the Amazon jungle. No matter where Efron travelled, Twitter was there to follow him, showering him with lust-filled (maybe some NSFW) comments and praising how good the dad bod looked on him after all the years of being one of Americas thirst traps.

Now, to be fairEfrons dad bod isnt much of what weve come to expect from the term. He still looks very fit by just about any normal person's standards; maybe by Zac Efron standards he's a little different, but let's be real. The real difference is that he'snow developed a lumberjack facial hair look . Maybe he spent a little less time in the gym than usual, but given his Baywatch workout routine was and how it mentally, its nice to see the actor adopting a new approach to his health journey.

And lets not forget how grateful Efron is for the support viewers are giving him in regards to the show, which he documented on his social media accounts.

Love you guys #DownToEarth #netflix Zac Efron (@ZacEfron)

Good-looking, yet also grown-up. That's an award-winning combination.

Sexual awakening when I was a teenager: Zac Efron Sexual awakening as a 29 year old adult: Zac Efron brandon (@afterglowbrando)

Id like Zac Efrons parents phone number so I can just leave a 3 minute voicemail of me applauding Julia (@theradiohag)

Hello Daddy Zac Efron. I think I understand sexual attraction now? Or is this just beard attraction... (@RadiationGhoul)

Absolutely nothing to do with politics, but when did Zac Efron get so fucking hot? Amy Lynn Thatcher (@AmyAthatcher)

Zac Efron went from ill have her home by 7 to she calls me daddy too Catastrophe (@Teaandfacts123)


Zac Efron has been peak at basically every age. Dreamy non threatening teen dream, college age swoony, muscley late 20 something, and now...this. Alexapro (@xicacha)

The 2020 version of Zac Efron is Dimi #StayHomeSaveLives #BlackLivesMatter (@DSpice85)

I didnt understand the HSM-era Zac Efron hype but... Down To Earth Zac isnt just a snacc, hes the whole goddamn meal is diving into revisions! (@julietasthesea)

Zac Efron is the true definition of daddy Danielle luzak (@LuzakDanielle)

Zac Efron ...thats it, thats the tweet. #DownToEarth Chris (@MusicIsEuphoria)