6 reasons why women may not want to marry

Marriage isn't for everyone.

Pressure to get married has always been there since time immemorial; be it for men or for women.

One main reason why women, in specific, would get pressured to get married is because their biological clocks are ticking.

That does not seem to be much of a problem anymore however as women are now stealing men’s sperms (sperm jacking) for the sole purpose of getting pregnant. Once they get their sperm, they then ditch the guy and go on to raise the children on their own.

Times have definitely changed and the need to get married is not a necessity for a lot of women; taking ‘solutions’ such as sperm jacking as an example.

New ‘solutions’ to not wanting to get married are always coming up and Pulse Live Kenya sought to find out what some of them were – they’re quite interesting.

1.Some women see marriage as a prison

Some women want to have the freedom to do what they want and when they want to do it without answering to anyone.

With them being married however, it limits some of the things that they want to do such as staying out late in the club with their friends.

2.Women empowerment

Some women have attributed their lack of desire for marriage to women empowerment.

They feel that they are able to improve their quality of lives without needing the help of a man which in some cases would be the reason why some women would get married.


When it comes to physical satisfaction, they are able to get sex whenever and wherever they want.

4.Jealous partners

Some men still get intimidated with the fact that their women are doing well in their field of work.

In such instances, some men may want to manipulate their women into halting their careers for the sake of their marriages or taking care of their children if they have any.

This can prompt women to opt not to get married.

5.They do not see the need for husbands

From the husbands being lazy to some of them being unable to take care of their families, some women just don't see the need to deal with that in their lives.


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