Biggest mistakes people make when negotiating for a salary raise

This is how to ask for a raise

As important as such conversations are, most employees do not know how to have this conversation and may end up making basic mistakes that can be easily avoided.

Here are some mistakes that they make when asking for a raise and how to avoid them.

Bad timing

Do not go ask for a raise when your boss is going through a lot of pressure. It really does not give you a good look plus it may ruin your chances of actually getting that raise.

Wait until things have cooled down or until your boss is in better moods to have that conversation.

Try asking after a big accomplishment.

You have already added great value to the company and asking for a raise after a recent accomplishment will increase your chances of getting that raise.

Capitalize on that moment and you may find yourself getting that raise.

Not having options in case of rejection

You will never know when an opportunity will present itself and it might come when you are discussing a raise.

Your boss may be more inclined at agreeing to a smaller request such as attending an industry conference or getting an extra day off during the week.

Do not give ultimatums

You are not having that meeting to give demands. You are there to make a request for a raise so it is important to watch your tone in order to make sure you do not come off as harsh with your request.

You still want to be on good terms with your boss regardless of whether or not he or she agrees to give you a raise.

It may cost you your job.

Bringing up your colleagues salaries to influence your boss’ decision

You are there to discuss your raise not why your colleague has been able to buy a car within a year of working there and you do the same job. You may end up coming off jealous and too involved in gossip which could make your boss to misinterpret your characteristics.

Keep the office politics out of that discussion and focus on your accomplishments and merits.

Asking via email

Yes the thought of asking for a raise may be scary and uncomfortable but you also don’t want to seem unserious by asking your boss for a raise via email.

Gather enough courage and speak to your boss in person. Go for a lunch meeting to give a more comfortable environment.

Research and go through your points

Treat that meeting as if you are going for a job interview for the first time.

List down your reasons for deserving a raise. Highlight the extra responsibilities you have taken up, which projects you have spearheaded and new strategies you have come up with during your time working at the company.


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