When it comes to money, people will do the unbelievable just to have it.

And even though desperate moments call for desperate measures, some things should never be done for money.

Here are some things that you should never ever do just for money:

1. Get married

I know this is a controversial one but there is no need getting married if it’s all about money. First, you won’t like it and you won’t fake it for so long. Once your partner realizes that you just got married to them because of money, you honestly won’t like it. Plus, no one wants to be perceived as a gold digger anyway.

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2. Crime

Whatever the price is, you should never involve yourself in criminal activities to get money. Whether it’s drug, joining terror groups or stealing, you don’t deserve a life in jail. Think of better ways to make money but for whatsoever the reason, don’t engage in illegal business.

3. Get a job you hate

You should not just work for money. You should at least have some liking for your job and feel comfortable doing whatever you do. Otherwise, the working environment will be stressful, you will have problems with your bosses or your clients and you finally will lose it. It will also drain you emotionally and may lead to depression.

4. Get in trouble with family

One thing you can never change is your family. However bad you think they are, you will be stuck to them and associated with them till death. And whenever we face challenges, we always fall back to our families for support. So, you should never do anything that destroys your relationship with your family for money since you will always need them.

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5. Sacrifice something you love

Life can be so challenging sometimes. Even so, the things you hold dearly should not be given away at the mention of money. Money will not last and you will forever regret for letting go something you love just for money.

6. Your morals and beliefs

We all have some moral values and beliefs we strongly hold to. These too, should never be sacrificed for the sake of money. Your dignity, self-respect and self-worth for instance, cannot be measured in terms of money.