You probably spend more time on your job than anywhere else.

As such, you need to be working with a company you love and doing something you love. Otherwise, your job can easily mess up with you and those around you.

Even if a job is offering you a fat pay cheque, sometimes you just need to quit and get a new job that's more exciting. Making the decision on whether to leave your job or stay is not easy, however.

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But if you are wondering on whether you should start looking for greener pastures, you may need to check out for these signs:

1. You have no passion

Probably, you have been doing the same thing for years now and all the passion is gone. Or, you never liked the job in the first place but you only took it because you badly needed a job. But after taking the job, you realized you hate it no matter how hard you try to like it.

2. It makes you sick

Do you feel sick every morning at the thought of going to work? If so, you clearly need to quit that job. Not because you are a loser but because you should pursue a job that excites you.

3. The company is sinking

If your colleagues are all fleeing because the company is at the verge of sinking, you don’t have to hold on. Regardless of how much you love your work, you will lose it all if you wait to see its downfall.

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4. Stagnation

So you have been working for the same company for five years and you have made no progress – no promotion, no salary increment and you have not learnt any new skills. It’s a sign you need to explore other areas in your line of career.

5. Poor compensation

Even though jobs are not all about money, money is definitely an important part of every job. If your compensation is way too low, you will be financially strained which might end up affecting your input at work. You need to consider other options where your input is appreciated.

6. Health

Challenging job opportunities are exciting but not when your health is put at risk. If your job gives you pressure or involves strenuous physical activities that make you sick, it’s time you look for other opportunities.

7. Bad boss

You might love your job but if your boss gives you a hell of a time at work, you will never have an easy time. So, the earlier you leave, the better for you.