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10 important business lessons to learn from Anerlisa Muigai

She dished on the lessons she has learnt since starting her business.

In her most recent post, the Nero company CEO shared the 10 greatest lessons that she has learned as a business woman that a lot of entrepreneurs can use as motivation to continue building their businesses.

Check them out below:

1.Always follow your heart. A lot of people will mislead you because your goals are not theirs and most people would not like to see you succeed.


2.Do not share your future plans with people before they are out. It’s likely for anyone to copy your ideas before they are out.

3.Come up with a unique product that will be favorable to the market.

4.Be a trend setter.

5.Top quality. Quality always trumps quantity when it comes to achieving a successful business.

6.Do not mix business with pleasure. No matter what you do, never let it affect your business and friends should also never interfere with your business.


7.Priorities first. Always make sure that you have enough materials in stock. Don’t wait until the last minute to start scrambling to find stock.

8.Company money – Any profits you make; use it to expand, buy more materials and any extra that remains, use it to help the needy. Some people prioritise holiday and shopping over buying company materials.

9.Be updated. Always know what is currently happening especially in your line of business.

10.Lastly; aim to be the best.

Now you know.


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