How to make money online at the comfort of your home

This is how to make millions without sweat.....

Here are legitimate websites that could assist you in making the mullah.

Are you a good writer and you are passionate about it. Take time and visit the following websites.

1. will pay you to write articles.

2. Are you proficient in writing How-to articles? Get paid for writing them on

3. Get paid to do what you do freelance work in any field on You will have to be assessed by the site administrators before you can start transacting. If you are successful you will start earning good money.

4. If you know different languages, you can cash in at where you get paid to translate.

5. Transcription is the act or process of making a written, painted, or typed copy of words that have been spoken. If you are good at transcription, you can earn money through transcribing files at

6. Good news for bloggers or those who want to start blogging. is paying bloggers to write reviews for advertisers.

7. For the twitter members who love to tweet religiously. Why not visit and get paid to tweet.

8. There is an opportunity at for techies and technology enthusiasts to earn money from reviewing software.

9. The dollars have also been offered to reviewers of websites. pays reviewers to review different websites.

10. pays people to give short reports, advertise your products and get your cheque immediately.

11. Article writers can make a killing on As long as you have good English and are a good writer you will start smiling all the way to the bank. However you have to pass a writing test first for you to be registered as a writer on the website.

12. gives you a platform to sell your digital products and downloads. You will also get a commission for every successful sell. However you need to pay a small fee via Paypal to join.

13. The internet has made life so easy in that authors can now publish their hardcover books. takes away the hustle and cost for looking for a publisher. The website also gives you an opportunity to customize the kind of cover you prefer for your book. All for free.

14. buys stories for top magazines and newspapers like Bella, Cosmopolitan, Closer, OK! Real woman and others. You can earn Ksh 13,617 (100 pounds) to Ksh 680,850 (5,000 pounds) for your story. However you will need to make a call first so that your story can be approved. You will also need to provide evidence in terms of documents, files or videos that validate your story.


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