6 errors that may kill your business

Digital Marketing is the way to go, but if you do not do it right, you can make mistakes that will hurt your business instead of promoting it.


1. Not being polite

“The customer is always right,” you may have heard that before. Even when your customer (in this case, your social media fan) is wrong, you have to embrace their failure and look towards solving the issue at hand in the most polite way. Impolite feedbacks are a big NO and damage control is quite costly.

2. Being robots

We all cringe when we get automated responses from our service providers, right? We hate to get those SMS messages which have also been forwarded to a dozen other people? Social media followers of a business do not enjoy receiving those automated messages built around a template. Your business has to have a human face for interaction to thrive. No one wants a conversation with a robot.

3. Signing up without a purpose

Why install mobile apps which you don’t need or use? In the same vein, why should businesses sign up to social networking platforms simply because they exist? Your business doesn’t need to sign up on social networking platforms without a purpose. If you don’t have a strategy for a particular social network and it serves no current use, do not sign up yet.

4. Same strategy for all platforms

Various platforms demand different strategies to make it fly properly. Adopting a general approach and policy for all platforms is a sure way to failure. Your digital marketing team should come up with specific strategies for each platform and then execute properly.

5. Ignoring complaints

Never ignore the complaints from your followers and social media fans. Ignoring them or yanking off their remarks and comments is a sure way to lose their goodwill. They help keep you in business and that is worth noting. If you face a backlash from them online, you might also have to deal with an offline revolt from them.

6. Inadequate engagement

Digital and social media marketing isn’t just about gaining a huge number of followership. You must learn to maintain a relationship with the fans you have gained else the huge numbers have nothing but an ornamental impact.

As a business, you need to build a bond with your social media followers and also take the relationship a notch higher every time. You can’t achieve these without adequate and consistent engagement with these social media followers who in reality comprise of stakeholders.

Never underrate the power of engagement!

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Written by Augustine Ogwo

This is a feature by RDM.


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