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How PesaPal Works

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About Pesapal

Pesapal is an eCommerce platform focused on Kenya. It is built to work seamlessly with Kenya’s main mobile payments services e.g Safaricom’s, MPesa, Airtel Money, Orange Money and many others.

Pesapal provides a simple, safe and secure way for individuals and businesses to make and accept payments in Africa. Pesapal payments work on the internet and directly on the handset.

Pesapal Escrow features protect buyers and sellers by giving them a chance to verify the quality of goods and services before releasing payments.

“Pesapal partners with Banks, Mobile Network Operators and Credit Card companies to give consumers as many payment options as possible. For businesses, we offer timely settlement of any payments to their bank account of choice,” writes Pesapal on their website.

The platform is intended to benefit ordinary Kenyans who are unbanked and do not use credit cards. Local vendors offer digital payment for goods in a way that can be tracked in the mobile phone transaction.

Pesapal can enable vendors receive money for ticketing, mCommerce, credit, online stores etc. The online platform also includes payroll, payday loans, microloans and many more.

How it works

A business that wants to sell their products via a website or billboard will just sign up with Pesapal and get approved mobile phone payments set up using their own Zap or MPesa account.

The business can now receive payments having signed up for the platform.

For businesses that have websites they may pay a one-time fee of Ksh. 4000/- and get a pre-built plugin for common website content management systems like Joomla or osCommerce. There is a more advanced option for implementers who can access and use the exposed web services (API) that Pesapal has built to allow for merchant and buyer verification or transaction processing.

A perfect example of a platform that uses the Pesapal is ticketsasa.com. When you buy a ticket, the transactions are made via Pesapal and then ticketsasa delivers the ticket to the owner. You do not have to walk to the physical location of Ticketsasa’s offices but at the convenience of your phone the transaction is completed.

You can also pay school fees via Pesapal. All you need to do is remit the money to Pesapal who will receive it on behalf of the school. Pesapal then notifies the school of the money that has been paid and then the school will later collect it. The money is held in trust by Pesapal for the school.

With Pesapal you can also pay bills to service providers like Dstv, Gotv, Zuku and Jamii Telkom (JTL). It gets better because you can also do shopping via Pesapal. You only need to log on to the Pesapal website and see the list of shops that use Pesapal.

How does Pesapal get returns?

Pesapal earns their profit by charging Ksh. 15 per transaction that uses their system. The platform is sure and secure. Pesapal has also leveraged on customized product integration, web site design and licensing of more advanced API functions by larger organizations.

Phase 1 users will have:

The team working behind the scenes to make PesaPal a success is seasoned with years of vast experience and portfolios to ensure that the platform delivers quality service.

Review Rating

I rate Pesapal 8 out of 10.


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