Women shouldn't stay home and take care of children- Gina Din speaks

With two successful grown up children and a successful career, she sees no reason to drop work to stay at home.

Speaking to Biznews, Gina Din stated that she doesn’t believe in successful women leaving their jobs to stay at home and take care of children.

She said, “I am saddened when I hear well-educated, successful women refer to their “choice” to spend more time with kids rather than stay on a high-powered career track. They should never have to make that choice in the first place.”

Gina Din who has battled her way to the top of the business ladder believes that women are made of mettle strong enough to handle highly demanding positions in companies and still be amazing mothers to their children. In her opinion women are not given enough opportunities and tools to become great business persona in Kenya.

“In the corporate sector, the number of women entrepreneurs is growing steadily but we are still outnumbered by men. And I don’t believe it’s because there aren’t women out there who want to branch into entrepreneurship and have the ability to succeed..We need to find ways to support these women more.”

With over thirty years’ experience as a businesswoman, the Founder and Executive Chair of the Gina Din Group, there is no doubt that Gina Din-Kariuki is a powerful force in the Kenyan business sector.

Her name is mentioned in the same breath as some of the most influential people in the world of communication. As the mind behind one of Kenya’s leading public relations firm, she is always on the move, flying to different countries for work.

She is also a proud mother of two grown up children who are already out of the country pursuing their own careers. Natalya is pursuing a PHD in English Literature at Oxford University while Naythan is pursuing a BA in Football business Management at Southampton University.


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