How the Kayole Branch of Equity Bank was robbed through a drilled wall

Ongoing investigations in the boldest and arguably smartest bank heist in recent times have revealed meticulous planning that went into the plot.

The Kayole branch for Equity bank was robbed on Saturday night after a hole was drilled in its rear wall providing access to the bank.

More than 27 million cash was stolen in the night heist that was only discovered on Sunday afternoon.

It has now been revealed that the man said to be behind the plan had rented a single room house in a court which shared the same wall with the bank to the rear.

He had stayed there for two and a half months and neighbors describe him as a loner who kept to himself living in a unit that was intended for business purposes.

Police believe that the man was all this time drilling space big enough to pass through and on that night he and his accomplices finally made their move on the bank. He would disappear thereafter having completed his mission.

According to the police the whole operation which saw the thieves break into the strong room, and later the ATM machine could have taken 10 hours.

They left behind two gas cylinders and welding machines, as well as two blankets and several metallic tools which police believe were used to break the two huge safes at the bank.

The officers also believe there was inside cooperation as all alarms had been turned off and there was no CCTV footage of the break in. The branch manager only knew of the theft after being alerted by the Equity Bank’s IT department that the ATM machine was faulty.

Nairobi police boss Japheth Koome has revealed that current investigations have provided crucial leads. Currently two security guards, one person and several employees are being questioned about the theft.


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